Harris Goldsmith Review

Harris Goldsmith Review of Pianist Steven Masi

“What I find particularly distinctive and impressive about the performances on this compact disc is that Masi’s interpretive style is refreshingly single minded and seemingly far removed from what many typically expect from an “in your face” objective modern American philosophy: The first few bars of the “so-called” Pastoral Sonata, Op. 28 unfold with a serene, patient deliberation that immediately (for this seasoned listener) recall the unhurried, cameolike intimacy of Wilhelm Kempff: The remaining three movements have gratifying detail, many subtleties of nuance and tempo plasticity (within a firm basic pulse)…

And in many ways, Masi’s version of the Op. 101 Sonata is the most distinctive of all. The Alla Marcia second movement has exemplary clarity of voicing, and buoyant rhythmic firmness especially. And the work’s total architecture is ironclad and organic.”